Permanent Denial imposed after One Year of Denial.

I have now trained my depraved piece of fuckmeat for 11 years, compassionately leading it to find its purpose and ecstasy in suffering for my pleasure. I now announce that as of Sept. 2, 2013 it has been kept it without an orgasm for a year although it has been brought to the edge at least daily and it is continuously aroused and dripping. I have now informed it that I derive the greatest pleasure from it when it is in this denied state and therefore it will never be allowed to come again, though it will be stimulated frequently. I have succeeded to a large degree in changing its erotic drive for orgasmic release to an erotic drive for painful torture at my hands. I have honored it in allowing it to assist in its own training by forbidding it to ask for an O under any circumstances. It is allowed only to ask for torture when aroused.


I am interested in this stuff but is this normal? It seems harsh. Is this common in orgasm control for women?

Normal has little meaning in this regard. It's a matter of what works for the couple. This works for us in many ways. In terms of the denial duration and methods used it's at the extreme.